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Shuggie Otis New Interview By The Houston Press

Shuggie Otis

At 61, Shuggie Otis is still restless and still inspired. Otis, who comes to the Continental Club Friday night, is experiencing a resurgence of his career with a new record deal with Los Angeles’ Cleopatra Records, and he is embarking on an extended tour that will see him pretty much cover the nation in the next two months.

“Man, I’ve got this great new band and I’m so excited to be back playing live,” says Otis from his L.A. home. “We’ve done three gigs so far, and people seem to love it.”

…”I love to travel, and in my early career a lot of times conditions just weren’t right for me to do a lot of touring on my own,” he said. “I’ve played for the door, taken my chances, but I didn’t always necessarily have the chance to play the way I wanted to. But now Universal Attractions has taken an interest in me and they’ve put together a really nice month-long tour of the States with good venues, good stages, and I’m honestly just very happy and excited. I really love it. If this goes well, we’ll probably do a European tour later this year.”

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Photo by Arnie Goodman/Courtesy of Glass Onyon PR