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Shuggie Otis Re-emerging With ‘Wings Of Love’ – MTV Hive

Shuggie Otis recently spoke with MTV Hive about how it feels to be a comeback kid twice now, at age 59, and how he works on his music:

“I still love music. I was doing [Inspiration Information] because it was the first time I’d ever written for myself. I had mostly been on my father’s albums more and what not, but I’d never done an album for myself. And I was falling in love with jazz and classical, with composers as much as the blues and all the other people in my life. I started to come up with an idea, not purposefully; I wasn’t like, I’m going to write this and it’s going to sound like this. No — I would just come down, and it would all come down to my head, something like that, and then I put it down.”

“So that’s the way I write. I don’t play anything for anyone. If I don’t like it, I won’t let anyone hear it until it’s done. Not everything I like is great; I just don’t let anyone hear what I don’t want them to hear. They might think it’s great, horrible — doesn’t matter. If I like it, then I’ll let somebody hear it and it’ll come out. So finally I get this album out, so that’s great. It was really a labor of love. … You know I’ve done a lot for others over the years, but when you do something with your name on it, you know it’s a whole different thing too. You know, you want to look good. You want to sound good.”

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